I Don't Want No Part Time Love: Early Years Of Theby Wilson Pickett (Vinyl Record)

Wilson Pickett: I Don't Want No Part Time Love: Early Years Of The (Vinyl LP)

Cornbread Records

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Cornbread Records presents a compilation featuring Wilson Pickett titled I Don't Want No Part Time Love: The Early Years Of The Wicked Pickett. Featuring some of his earliest recordings out of Detroit with The Falcons, and very early solo material, this collection shows the legend of soul music when he was just getting started. Though these are early recordings, Pickett's voice is fully formed and some of these tracks are the equals of later hits like In The Midnight Hour, and Ninety-Nine And A Half. For fans of American soul music, this collection is absolutely necessary. Issued on 180 gram LP with a deluxe jacket, and a download card. Pow You're in Love, Feels Good, Billy the Kid, You're on My Mind, Anna, I Don't Want No Part Time Love, What to Do, I Ain't No Crying Man, I Found a Love, Swim, Short and Nappy, Skinny Girl, Lah Tee Lah Tah, Darling, Let's Kiss and Make Up, Take This Love I Got