Paper, Jerry: Carousel (Vinyl LP)

Paper, Jerry: Carousel (Vinyl LP)

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Jerry Paper is the sonic caricature of New York-based musician Lucas Nathan. Nathan's latest full-length under the Jerry Paper moniker, Carousel, combines his fascination with synthetic reproductions of real instruments with his own brand of philosophical meditations. The album furthers the effort to make goofy sounds into serious music through the juxtaposition of idiosyncratic lyrics, sounds, and structures within the grammar of pop music. Wastoids 5:01, Doesn't Matter-Take Me 5:12, Experiments in Living 3:40, Perma-Song 4:18, Destroy 3:57, Continuum 2:21, Halfway Zen 3:47, The Big Fight 2:50, Greedy Motherfuckers 4:06, Piggies 4:32