Byrds: Fifth Dimension (Vinyl LP)

Byrds: Fifth Dimension (Vinyl LP)

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180 gram vinyl pressing of The Byrds pioneering 3rd album. Combining the energy of the British Invasion with elements of the folk movement, 1966s Fifth Dimension added an LSD-tinged mix of rock and Indian ragas to their vocal harmonies and jangly guitars. 5 D (Fifth Dimension) (2:32), Wild Mountain Thyme (2:29), Mr. Spaceman (2:08), I See You (2:31), What's Happening?!?! (2:30), I Come and Stand at Every Door (3:01), Eight Miles High (3:35), Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) (2:08), Captain Soul (2:35), John Riley (2:57), 2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song) (2:08)