Psycho Realm: Psycho Realm (Vinyl LP)

Psycho Realm: Psycho Realm (Vinyl LP)

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180-gram vinyl. The Psycho Realm (1997) is the first album of the hip hop group The Psycho Realm. The group consisted of Sick Jacken, Duke, and B Real, MC and one of the masterminds behind Cypress Hill. The Psycho Realm is an impressive collection of hardcore West Coast gangsta rap. There's genuine menace in their rhymes and music, which is why it hits so hard. The Psycho Realm's surrealistic imagery and impressionistic music creates genuine tension. Psycho City Blocks/Psycho Interlude, Showdown, The Big Payback, Premonitions, Interlude/Stone Garden/Interlude, Temporary Insanity, Doors Intro/Confessions of a Drug Addict, Who Are You Interlude/Bullets, Love Letters Intro/Love from the Sick Side, R. U. Experienced/Outro, Psyclones, Lost Cities, La Conecta Intro/La Conecta (Pt. 1), La Conecta (Pt. 2)/Goin' in Circles Outro