Marco Polo (Original Soundtrack)by Marco Polo / O.S.T (Vinyl Record)

Marco Polo / O.S.T: Marco Polo (Original Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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Marco Polo is an American drama series about Marco Polo's early years in the court of Kublai Khan, the Khagan of the Mongolian Empire and the founder of the Yuan dynasty, which lasted from 1271-1368. The show premiered on Netflix in December 2014 and was written and created by John Fusco. The series stars Lorenzo Richelmy in the title role and is produced by The Weinstein Company. Early 2015, Marco Polo was renewed by Netflix for a 10-episode second season. The Marco Polo 2LP soundtrack contains music from the Netflix Original Series by Daniele Luppi, Peter Nashel, Eric V. Hachikian, Altan Urag, Batzorig Vaanchig and Zorigoo Battsooj. Marco Polo Main Titles (Daniele Luppi), The Beautiful Steppe (Batzorig Vaanchig), Let the War Begin, Marco Trains / Hundred Eyes Fights, Marco's Journey, Yusuf Investigates, At the Poplar Tree, Chabi's Rejection / Jing Fei's Dance, Marco and Kokachin Ride, Prelude to An Attack, Yusuf's Farewell, The Cricket Minister / Attack of the Walled City, Xiangyang Captured, Return to Cambulac, Approaching Cambulac, Jingim Has Fallen, Mantis Fighting Style, It Is Coming at Dawn, Marco in Venice, The People of Mongolia (Altan Urag), Native Mongolia (Altan Urag), Shiree Nuur (Shiree Lake) (Altan Urag), The Beige Stallion (Altan Urag), Khukh Tolboton (Blue Mark) (Altan Urag)