Various: Steve Jobs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

Various: Steve Jobs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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Composer Daniel Pemberton follows up his movie score for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [MOVATM056] with not one but three different scores for Steve Jobs, the new Danny Boyle film starring Michael Fassbender as Apple's controversial visionary leader. 'There is not one side of music that could reflect Jobs' personality. There is a classical side to him, a rebellious side to him, a technical side to him, a soft side to him, and a cold side to him', Pemberton explains. The movie is therefore divided into three acts, each with a different musical theme. The first act 'Vision' is set in 1984 when Steve Jobs had his vision of what personal computing could bring to the world. Then there is 'Revenge' in 1988 when he sets up this company pretty much to get revenge on the people he thought had betrayed him at Apple. Finally, 'Wisdom' is the climax with his own personal realization of what his goals in life have been and what has been slightly misguided. Pemberton wanted to have a sound that captured the times so for the first act he used synthesizers from the early '80s. The third act is performed on a Mac computer using Logic - modern technology which wouldn't be available weren't it for Apple. For Act II, he used 'the oldest computer that still exists, which is the orchestra. You give them information which is notation and they interpret that in a way better than any piece of technology has managed to beat. The Musicians Play Their Instruments, It's Not Working, Child (Father), Jack It Up, The Circus of Machines I (Overture), Russian Roulette, It's An Abstract, I Wrote Ticket to Ride, Change the World, The Skylab Plan, Don't Look Back Into the Sun (The Libertines), Life Out of Balance, The Nature of People, I Play the Orchestra, The Circus of Machines II (Allegro), Revenge, Rainy Day Women #12 ; 35 (Bob Dylan), 1998 the New Mac, Father (Child), Remember, Grew Up at Midnight (The MacCabees), Shelter from the Storm (Bob Dylan)