Autre NE Veut: Age of Transparency (Vinyl LP)

Autre NE Veut: Age of Transparency (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP Pressing. Age of Transparency is a genre-bending album that manipulates and fuses jazz, electronic and alternative elements. Age of Transparency marks the second step in a trilogy exploring the difficulty of making personal connections in an impersonal time. The title comes from marketing jargon, Ashin explains. It's a term for the place we're in now, where truth and transparency are just ways to sell things and honesty is it's own kind of performance. Coming from an artist who pushes his voice and body to their breaking points, it might seem like a strange admission. But for Ashin, close is as close as you can get.Transparency is an impossibility, he says. It's more about trying to be transparent and falling on your face in the process. Age of Transparency was self-produced in a small room overlooking a quiet street in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and mixed by Tony Maserati, who has also worked with Beyoncé, Notorious BIG and Lady Gaga. On and on (Reprise), Panic Room, Cold Winds, Age of Transparency, Switch Hitter, Never Wanted, Word War Pt. 2, Over Now, Get Out