Blue Letter: Love Is Not Control (Vinyl LP)

Blue Letter: Love Is Not Control (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2012 album from the Indie rockers. With a range of influences from mid-late '90s screamo bands to the post metal giants of today, The Blue Letter can be found somewhere both sonically and geographically between Envy and Cult of Luna. Although down-tempo screamo may seem an odd description for a band, any track from their sophomore album Love is Not Control proves this is a most appropriate term for the trio. Love is Not Control's 13 tracks tell a story that spans ten years of love, hardship, betrayal, loss, new beginnings, new love and hope. The record ebbs and flows with passionate intensity and heartfelt sincerity. Recorded by Chris Dowhan and featuring original artwork by Michael Repasch-Nieves, the album is arranged like a traditional five act play: A fitting way to tell the dramatic story that unfolds. Only in Shadows, The Beacon, The Vultures, The Arriviste, The Ballast, The Beauty, Fractions of the Whole, Wishful Thinking, Decaying Hearts, Prognosis: Amputation, 3000 Miles, The City of Hope, Love Is Not Control