Venus Isleby Eric Johnson (Vinyl Record)

Eric Johnson: Venus Isle (Vinyl LP)

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Guitarist Eric Johnson delivers 11 joyful tracks for this 1996 album which is now released on vinyl for the first time. Recorded on 180 gram heavy-weight vinyl to ensure quality sound, packaged in gatefold cover, and covered by premium protective vinyl outer sleeve. The 'Play 33 1/3 LP Series' is a 1st LP issue project of the masterpiece albums which have never been released on vinyl LP. The albums are released by Universal Music Korea and the heavyweight vinyl LP is pressed in Germany. Khiov designs the project, reforms the original artworks for the LP size and produces the sleeves precisely by handmade. You will have a chance to experience great analogue sounds and to enjoy splendid artworks through the series. In the age where faster and more convenient is thought to be better, the increase in demand for the retro vinyl LP worldwide is clearly attributed to the satisfaction from the sound offered by analog products impossible to be replicated by CD and digital products and the delight of touching, feeling, and possessing this masterpiece-like large artwork. Furthermore, LP records have both rarity and history that increase their value over time and serve as an attractive factor for collectors. 'Eric Johnson is notorious for his perfectionism, but the six-year wait between his breakthrough Ah! Via Musicom and it's follow-up Venus Isle seems a little extravagant, especially considering the resulting album. In six years, it could be assumed that an artist would undergo a number of different phases, exploring several different musical genres and textures. Johnson didn't spend his six years exploring - he spent them refining. Venus Isle reveals no new insights about the guitarist, it only offers a new spin on the territory Ah! Via Musicom covered... Johnson is a consummate guitarist, pulling out tones and licks from his instrument that no other musician can quite match. It is a joy to hear him play... There are the occasional jazzy grooves, a handful of blues, several fusion numbers, and a few stabs at prog rock - all of the things that distinguished the album's predecessor... ' Venus Isle, Battle We Have Won, All About You, S.R.V, Lonely in the Night, Manhattan, Camel's Night Out, Song for Lynette, When the Sun Meets the Sky, Pavilion, Venus Reprise