Two Gallants: The Bloom and The Blight (Vinyl LP)

Two Gallants: The Bloom and The Blight (Vinyl LP)

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2012 album from the Alt-Folk/Rock duo. The Bloom And the Blight is the work of a band that has matured and redefined itself, and the album is imbued with a palpable sense of personal catharsis. It moves away from Two Gallants' more Folk and Blues-based past, representing the duo's ferocious live show and their past steeped in Punk and Grunge. The songs have a dark side and a dynamic sonic heft, yet a sense of salvation and resolve courses throughout: an urgent, emotional poignancy. Halcyon Days, Song of Songs, My Love Won't Wait, Broken Eyes, Ride Away, Decay, Winter's Youth, Willie, Cradle Pyre, Sunday Souvenirs