Rotten Cocktailsby Boy Robot (Vinyl Record)

Boy Robot: Rotten Cocktails (Vinyl LP)

City Centre Offices

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'Rotten Cocktails' is Hans Moller (Balderdash) and Michael Zorn's second album after 2003's smasher 'Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle'. This release is all about power, the punch of a hefty bass drum and the type of energy thought to be impossible in what we call electronica which is what makes this album a melange that will never let you down: let's drink to that! City Centre Offices. 2005. Magic Toys for Boys and Girls, Invaders of Vanity Club Land, We Accept All Out Parents' Credit Cards, Sweet Honeybee of Infinity, Bass ; Booze, Live in Vanilla, Super Scorer, Asthmatic Detroit Car, Bonjour Frisur