Twiztid: Mutant Remixed & Remastered (Vinyl LP)

Twiztid: Mutant Remixed & Remastered (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing includes digital download containing both versions of Mutant. 2016 release, an audio treat for those inhabitants of the Juggalo World. Hip hop duo Twiztid recently obtained the masters of their 2005 album Mutant from Psychopathic Records. Rather than just remaster and reissue the album, Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric have gone one step further and remixed the whole project as well. In essence, you can hang on to your old copy of Mutant and get ahold of this release as well since every song on this version is different from the original release! Spaniolo and Methric, who perform under the respective personas of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child, are former members of the group House of Krazees, which disbanded in 1997 a year after Jamie and Paul left.