Silver Snakes: Saboteur (Vinyl LP)

Silver Snakes: Saboteur (Vinyl LP)

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Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release from the LA underground rock band. Here's what Silver Snakes had to say about the album: Saboteur is a record summed up by it's title. It's about sabotage, it's about using direct action to accomplish a goal. It can be applied to many situations : Personal, Political etc. It's about having the passion to do absolutely whatever it takes to make a point even if it's potentially harmful. Raindance was one of the first songs written for the record. It's the follow up track to a song we previously released called Sundance which was about being caught up in abusive relationships. Raindance is about taking the plunge into new endeavors only to have voices from the past show up to steer you elsewhere. It's the balance between sides, The person being torn down and the voice of negativity all speaking at once. Electricity, Glass, Raindance, Devotion, Fire Cloud, Red Wolf, Charmer, La Daminadora, Dresden, The Loss