The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Songby Cursive (Vinyl Record)

Cursive: The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song (Vinyl LP)

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song is the second full-length album by American indie rock band Cursive, originally released in 1998. Cursive is an indie rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. Described as emo-tinged post-hardcore, Cursive came to prominence in 2000 and found commercial and critical success in 2003. The band has released seven studio albums, a compilations album, and a mix of singles and EPs since 1997. The Rhyme Scheme, A Career in Transcendence, The Road to Financial Stability, Tempest, Break in the New Year, Proposals, Semantics of Sermon, A Little Song and Dance, When Summer's Over Will We Dream of Spring, Northern Winds, Absence Makes the Day Go Longer