Wray: Hypatia (Vinyl LP)

Wray: Hypatia (Vinyl LP)

Communicating Vessel

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Following 2014's self-titled debut on Communicating Vessels, Wray has spent the past year developing the ideas and sonic palette that would become their sophomore LP Hypatia. Co-produced by the band with Lynn Bridges (Devendra Banhart, Dan Sartain) and mixed by Daniel Farris (Man or Astroman?, St. Vincent), Hypatia takes its own path from swift energy to quiet contemplation while exploring a space of subtle contrasts and originality. From standout tracks like the surging rhythmic workout of May 23rd, to the back-and-forth college rock/guitar crescendo overdrive of Shiva, the group's triangulated presence is in full force, offering a glimpse into the forward-thinking minds of one of Birmingham's best and brightest bands. This record has set the bar exceedingly high for progressive music coming out of the Deep South. Hypatia comes complete with brilliantly conceived album art by New Zealand-born/New York-based Tamaryn, and Shaun Durkan, from San Francisco's Weekend. Below, Giant, Hypatia, +, May 23rd, Regular, Diamond Gym, Shiva, Pined, Jennifer, Dymaxion Dream, Mounts Minding