Drone Activity 13.10.18by Ulver (Vinyl Record)

Ulver: Drone Activity 13.10.18 (Vinyl LP)

House of Mythology

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It all happened in a haze. I am not sure everyone was prepared to obey the summons and forsake the shore in order to be pulled under by the loudness of sound. Yet the ethos on that crisp October night was clear in it's wording: Drone Activity. Ulver started out in a subtle manner, carefully examining the territory, vast and waste. Screeching sounds echoed distant roars from the approaching edge as snowflakes pierced the air with ferocious speed. Where to go from there? 70 minutes of the live show have been meticulously mixed and mastered for this release. Drone Activity stares into the abyss, documenting those moments in Oslo after the last rays of sun speckle the surface and careless subterranean streams start determining the course. True North, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Blood Fire Woods Diamonds, Exodus