Mazzy Star: Seasons of Your Day (Vinyl LP)

Mazzy Star: Seasons of Your Day (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release, the first album in 17 years from the California Dream Pop duo. Titled Seasons of Your Day, the long-awaited follow up to 1996's Among My Swan was co-written and co-produced by founding members David Roback and Hope Sandoval. The album was recorded in California and is summed up as music for lovers, music for broken hearts. My Bloody Valentine's Colm Ó Cíosóig and the late U.K. Folk legend Bert Jansch guest on the record, the latter having returned the favor to Roback, who contributed guitar work to Jansch's final studio album, 2006's the Black Swan. Among the album's 10 tracks are Common Burn and Lay Myself Down, both of which surfaced as a split-single in late 2011. Also included is the first proper single, California, which eerily captures how a meditative West Coast stroll should sound. In the Kingdom, California, I've Gotta Stop, Does Someone Have Your Baby Now, Common Burn, Seasons of Your Day, Flying Low, Sparrow, Spoon, Lay Myself Down