Range: Potential (Vinyl LP)

Range: Potential (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Potential is the new album from producer James Hinton under his alias of The Range. The Range has made an electronic record inspired by Baltimore club, early '00s grime and mid '00s electronica, but also as a member of the last generation that will remember going online for the first time. As it's backbone, Potential utilizes a series of vocal samples that Hinton found in the deep corners of YouTube, introducing us to unknown artists expressing themselves unfettered by the constraints of industry. He might be fascinated by the code that determines his YouTube searches, but what truly grips him are the human stories behind the samples. Regular, Copper Wire, Florida, Superimpose, Five Four, Falling Out of Phase, No Loss, Skeptical, Retune, So, 1804