Cale, John: Music for a New Society (Vinyl LP)

Cale, John: Music for a New Society (Vinyl LP)


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180 gram vinyl LP pressing with digital download that includes bonus tracks. Over 50 years in the arena of Contemporary Music and John Cale remains as active and unpredictable as ever; is there a more restless and ruminating spark of an artist, who, at the age of 73, admits he still goes to the studio every day and writes? From classical roots as a precociously gifted Welsh boy to modern classical experiments in New York, that lead to co-founding The Velvet Underground, Cale has filtered that mindset through singer-songwriter, proto-punk and post-punk prisms. His endless fascination has kept us endlessly fascinated, as Cale has consistently created new fissions, including the digital advances of the day, absorbed by hip hop as much as conventional songwriting. Taking Your Life in Your Hands, Thoughtless Kind, Sanctus (Sanities Mix), If You Were Still Around, Close Watch, Broken Bird, Chinese Envoy, Changes Made, Damn Life, Ris Sam and Rimsky Korsakov, Library of Force, Chinese Envoy (Outtakes), Thoughtless Kind (Outtakes)