Slime: Company (Vinyl LP)

Slime: Company (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release, the debut album by Slime, the nom-de-plume of producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Archer. At a time when electronic music feels dominated by bombast and hype, these 10 elusive, unsettling and emotional tracks offer a master-class in nuance and sincerity. Coalescing into one unique statement, Company is as distinct and fully-formed as any debut album in recent memory. It feels born of that same late-night '3am spiritual' culture that defined late '90s electronic/instrumental Hip-Hop: songs that are large, but personal and private. Slightly in the shadows, but impossible to miss. Archer knows there's power in silence and restraint, because it makes you lean closer to hear. Thurible, Striding Edge, Hot Dog, My Company, In One Year, Symptoms, The Way of Asprilla, At Sea Again (Feat. Selah Sue), Patricia's Stories (Feat. Jeremiah Jae), Down and Tell