Anomalisa (Music From the Motion Picture)by Carter Burwell (Vinyl Record)

Carter Burwell: Anomalisa (Music From the Motion Picture) (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the animated motion picture. The album features the film's original score by Carter Burwell (Carol, Mr. Holmes) and the original songs None of them Are You (lyrics by Charlie Kaufman) and Goddess of Heaven. The music in Anomalisa balances two somewhat contradictory roles. On the one hand, everything about it is slightly out of kilter - the instrumentation, the harmonies, the rhythms. On the other hand, it is humble, ingratiating, even kitschy in it's effort to draw you into the lives of Michael and Lisa, the protagonists, said Burwell. For the soundtrack album I included some dialogue and sound effects from the film, Burwell explained. All film soundtracks invite the listener to recall feelings from the film. In this case I think the listener ends up doing a bit more work. They're not only recalling their film experience, but creating the characters, the space, and the situations for themselves. They hear what is said, while contemplating what is un-said. It is, hopefully, not just a recollection of the film but a whole new experience unto itself.