Some People Have Real Problemsby Sia (Vinyl Record)

Sia: Some People Have Real Problems (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Some People Have Real Problems is the fourth studio album by Australian singer Sia. Originally released in 2008, the album featured singles including Day Too Soon, The Girl You Lost to Cocaine and Soon We'll Be Found. In live performances of the latter song, Sia used sign language to accompany her singing. The album displays a more upbeat pop-style than Sia's previous downbeat albums, whilst show-casing Sia's vocals on a number of big ballads. Non-single track, Buttons, received attention due to it's video in which Sia's face is distorted by pegs, string, net, condoms and many other things. Little Black Sandals 4:14, Lentil 4:26, Day Too Soon 4:23, You Have Been Loved 4:23, The Girl You Lost to Cocaine 2:40, Academia 3:16, I Go to Sleep 3:46, Playground 3:28, Death By Chocolate 5:02, Soon We'll Be Found 4:20, Electric Bird 4:26, Beautiful Calm Driving 5:02, Lullaby 4:31, Buttons 3:16, Day Too Soon (Mock ; Toof Edit) 4:52