Electric Music For The Mind And Bodyby Country Joe & the Fish (Vinyl Record)

Country Joe & the Fish: Electric Music For The Mind And Body (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing of the debut album from Bay Area psych-rock outfit Country Joe And The Fish, 1967's Electric Music For The Mind And Body was a brazen and melodically inventive introduction to the band. Full of satirical, and pointed lyrics, plus intense and distorted organ-driven melodies, Electric Music offers an inimitable performance by the band. 1967 marked an era of creative expression, political rebellion and experimentation, climaxing in The Summer of Love; and no other location on Earth was quite as synonymous with this period as San Francisco - the center of the counterculture movement. Perhaps one of the best musical representations of this time, place and environment came from a rock band across the Bay, who married progressive protest with groundbreaking, experimental music: Country Joe & the Fish. Flying High, Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine, Death Sound, Porpoise Mouth, Section 43, Superbird, Sad and Lonely Times, Love, Bass Strings, The Masked Marauder, Grace