Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967by Golliwogs (Vinyl Record)

Golliwogs: Fight Fire: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing in a Stoughton two-pocket gatefold jacket. Before they became one of the biggest bands in the world, Creedence Clearwater Revival were known as The Golliwogs. The only collection of music by The Golliwogs, Fight Fire features the band's singles (plus B sides), along with several recordings which were never released at the time. With new liner notes by compilation producer Alec Palao. The Golliwogs started out, in 1959, as an instrumental trio called The Blue Velvets. The original line-up was John Fogerty (guitar), Stu Cook (piano), and Doug Clifford (drums). In 1960, John's older brother Tom, who had been in local bands since 1958, began singing with the group. Eventually, John Fogerty took control of the group, writing all of their material, singing lead vocals, and blossoming into a multi-instrumentalist who played keyboards, harmonica, and saxophone in addition to lead guitar. By 1967, he was producing the group's recordings. Brown-Eyed Girl 2:36, Don't Tell Me No Lies 1:53, You Can't Be True 2:47, Try Try Try 2:13, You Came Walking 2:00, You Better Get It Before It Gets You 2:53, Fight Fire 2:33, I Only Met You Just An Hour Ago 2:09, Instrumental #1 3:01, Fragile Child 2:39, Little Girl (Does Your Mama Know) 2:37, Call It Pretending 2:10, Walking on the Water 2:41, She Was Mine 2:20, Porterville 2:23, You Better Be Careful 2:18, You Can't Be True 2:23, Little Tina 2:30, You Got Nothin' on Me 2:12, Gonna Hang Around 2:29, Tell Me 2:27, Action USA Promotional Spot 1:03