Countriesby Van William (Vinyl Record)

Van William: Countries (Vinyl LP)


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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing including four panel fold out poster. An enthralling solo debut, Van William's Countries signals the arrival of a gifted young artist on the rise. Known for the meticulous song craft of his former acclaimed indie outfits, Port O'Brien and Waters, on Countries, Van William offers an auspicious glimpse into a new and promising future. Includes the single Revolution featuring acclaimed Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit. Van William is a California native but has lived in Norway, Alaska and New York. Van has cited Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, and Lily Allen as his musical heroes. Revolution entered the Top Ten of the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart. Before I Found You (3:07) (Side A), Revolution (3:56) (Side A), Fourth of July (3:34) (Side A), The Country (3:48) (Side A), Don't Take My Love (3:36) (Side A), Never Had Enough of You (4:03) (Side B), The Middle (3:26) (Side B), Skyward (3:20) (Side B), You'll Be on My Mind (3:58) (Side B), Cosmic Sign (2:49) (Side B), Taking Love (3:53) (Side B)