John Lee Hooker: Country Blues of John Lee Hooker (Vinyl LP)

John Lee Hooker: Country Blues of John Lee Hooker (Vinyl LP)


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John Lee Hooker is 'the most down-home of the major post-war blues figures, a most authentic singer of the way-back, close-to-the-soil kind of blues', as Orrin Keep news once wrote. Of his innumerable recordings, the Country Blues of John Lee Hooker is perhaps the truest to Hooker's Mississippi roots. The celebrated guitarist set his usual amplified instrument aside, in exchange for an acoustic guitar, only accompanied by his voice. The result is an intimate, wonderfully varied set of deep Delta blues, moans and boogies. Some songs are autobiographical, others re-workings of blues standards all stamped with the hauntingly personal John Lee Hooker touch. Black Snake, How Long Blues, Wobblin' Baby, She's Long She's Tall She Weeps Like a Willow Tree, Pea Vine Special, Tupelo Blues, I'm Prison Bound, I Rowed a Little Boat, Water Boy, Church Bell Tone, Bundle Up and Go, Good Mornin' Lil' School Girl, Behind the Plow