Coen, Davis: Get Back in (Vinyl LP)

Coen, Davis: Get Back in (Vinyl LP)


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The album Get Back In is a culmination of various styles of Southern American roots music; including blues, country, jazz & gospel, and it's sounds are spawned from a deep sensibility to the honoring and cultivating of these rich lineages. The musical personnel includes a slue of enormously talented players; all of whom resided between Memphis, TN and Water Valley, MS where the recordings were produced. This title-track is acoustic guitar-driven and decorated with whimsical pedal steel, to accompany the ever-longingness in the lyrical deliverance. Album personnel: Davis Coen (guitar, vocals) Justin Showah (bass, vocals) Brian Wells, Charles Gage, Ryan Rogers (drums), Eric Carlton, Robert Chaffe (Piano, Organ) & Richard Alan Ford (pedal steel), Jessie Munson (violin) & Jonathan Ciaramitaro (mandolin). Mixed & recorded by Winn McElroy at Black Wings Studio Mastered by L Nix Mastering. Pigtails, Singing in My Spirit, One Arm at a Time, Can't Get There from Here, Get Back in, Misfortune, Missed Opportunities, Fools' Names, Moonshine in the Morning, Nope, Tears Don't Lie, Reeling, I Don't Wanna Learn