Semi Hendrix: Breakfast At Banksys (Vinyl LP)

Semi Hendrix: Breakfast At Banksys (Vinyl LP)

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Semi Hendrix is the acid inside the headband and the fork inside the electrical socket. It's hard-core hip-hop. It's Jack Splash and Ras Kass running roughshod over everything from economic inequality to racist government policy to your girl. The duo formed following Splash's world tour. Upon it's conclusion, the 10-time Grammy-nominated producer and three-time winner decided to leave Miami in favor of Los Angeles. That is where it all began. The sound is kaleidoscopic. Guest spots included Brothers Voodoo, Cee-Lo and Raheem DeVaughn, Teedra Moses, Kurupt, Montego Meli, and Alice Russell. If you wanted to know who Semi Hendrix are, the answer is simple: they're the wildest style. Introducing, Breakfast at Bansky's Feat. Coast Contra ; 4Rax, I.T, Think About It Feat. Brothers Voodoo, Sex Pistol Feat. Cee-Lo, Loogies, Waterboarding Tinkerbell, Heartbreak Feat. Teedra Moses, Stone Cold Hustler Feat. Raheem Devaughn, Niggnorance, Don't Hurt My Feelings, M.A.S.H. Feat. Kurupt, Jheri Curl Juice, Jesus Pressed Mute, Trunk Rock Feat. Montego Meli, Gotta Get a Grip Feat. Alice Russell ; Wrekonize, 4081, Can't Give Up Now Feat. Jessica