Goodbye Loveby Dirty Fences (Vinyl Record)

Dirty Fences: Goodbye Love (Vinyl LP)


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Brooklyn's Dirty Fences third studio album, 'Goodbye Love,' out via Greenway Records is the follow-up to 2013's 'Too High To Kross' (Volcom) and 2015's 'Full Tramp' (Slovenly). It's packed with plenty of meaty riffs and perfectly-executed harmonies and features a guest appearance from Sheer Mag's Christina Halladay. On 'Goodbye Love,' Dirty Fences give a nod to their influences - which include acts like Redd Kross, The MC5, and Johnny Thunders, plus an obsession with early KISS and Motley Crüe through the lens of The Dictators and Ramones - but manage to maintain an identity all their own. The lead single 'Teen Angel' pairs an undeniably catchy melody with driving percussion and wailing guitars, and it's accompanying video is heavy on the party vibes. The album is available here on green colored vinyl and includes a digital download card. All You Need Is a Number, 911, Dance, Goodbye Love, Teen Angel, Never Over, Blue Screen, I Can't Sleep at Night, Love for Higher, Four Leaf Clover, Message from Anyone, One More Step (FT. Christina Halladay)