Dave Brubeck: The Essential Dave Brubeck (Vinyl LP)

Dave Brubeck: The Essential Dave Brubeck (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Collection from the late jazz great. Dave Brubeck was an American jazz pianist and composer, considered to be one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz. He wrote a number of jazz standards. Brubeck's style ranged from refined to bombastic, reflecting his mother's attempts at classical training and his improvisational skills. His music is known for employing unusual time signatures, and superimposing contrasting rhythms, meters, and tonalities. Brubeck experimented with time signatures throughout his career, recording songs in 6/4, 7/4, 13/4, and 9/8. He was also a respected composer of orchestral and sacred music, and wrote soundtracks for television such as Mr. Broadway and the animated miniseries This Is America, Charlie Brown. Audrey 3:32, The Duke (Live) 2:44, In Your Own Sweet Way 4:58, Some Day My Prince Will Come 8:16, Tangerine (Live) 10:17, Brandenburg Gate 6:50, Three to Get Ready 5:24, Take Five 5:24, Blue Rondo a la Turk 6:45, Maria 3:21, It's a Raggy Waltz 5:11, Unsquare Dance 2:00, Summer Song 3:14, That Old Black Magic 3:18, Bossa Nova U.S.A. 2:30, Theme from Mr. Broadway 2:27, La Paloma Azul (Live) 6:20