Ricky Hil: Candy Painted Coffins (Vinyl LP)

Ricky Hil: Candy Painted Coffins (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Ricky Hil is the son of world famous clothing mogul, Tommy Hilfiger. Opting to go a different route, Ricky Hil pursued a career rapping. Proving to be talented despite naysayers, he has managed to build a solid fanbase with his melodic style which is filled with emotion. The tatted up, rebellious Hil has made a niche spot for himself in the game, doing druggy raps before it became en-vogue. He has released over 18 mixtapes and has worked with artists such as The Weeknd, Fat Trel, and Leona Lewis. Walk Around Here, Skys Black, Lose Your Mind, From Hell, What I Need Ft. Bonic, Psych Ward Blues, Suicide Watch, Superman, Paranoia, Stupid, Smoking Section