Sanz / Ciaramella Ensemble / Gilbert: Ciaramella: Dances on Moveable Ground (Vinyl LP)

Sanz / Ciaramella Ensemble / Gilbert: Ciaramella: Dances on Moveable Ground (Vinyl LP)

Yarlung Records

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Ciaramella are a six-member ensemble bringing to life Medieval and early Renaissance music from historical events and manuscripts. Praised for performing intricate 15th c. counterpoint with the ease of jazz musicians improvising on a theme, it's members are united by the conviction that every composition conceals a rich story waiting to be unlocked through historical research and speculative performance. Founded on a core of winds: shawm, sackbut, recorder, bagpipe, and voice, Ciaramella takes it's name from the Italian shawm (a centuries old woodwind family instrument) and from a 15th c. song about a beautiful girl whose clothes are full of holes. When she opens her mouth, she knocks men flat. Ciaramella's members met as graduate students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. They first performed together on Christmas Day 2003, in Spoleto, Italy. This release is the first ever 45rpm LP available from Yarlung Records. Jacaras, L'eroica, Chiaccona in Partite Variate, Batalla de Barabaso Yerno de Satanas, Canario, Passacalle, Ciaconna a Tre Con Il Suo Balletto, Moresca, Fantasia Sopra la Gamba, Aria Decima Quarta Sopra la Mia Pedrina, Fresca Ribera, Recercada Ottava, Recercada Secunda, Greensleeves to a Ground, the Fisher and Fox, Diferencias Sobra Pavane D'espagne, Spagnoletta, Sardanas, la Mantovana/Bobbing Joe/Aupres de Ma Blonde, Jacaras