Korry Deez: Imago (Vinyl LP)

Korry Deez: Imago (Vinyl LP)

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'Imago' is an aural, visual and soulful blend of organic innovation with sonic virtuosity that will entwine the listener to their innermost primordial vibrations. 'Imago' features production from elite beat makers Elaquent, Black Cat, Phat Tony, and Quasar, plus a special guest appearance from Tona Tencreddi. The record jacket itself features mind-blowing original artwork by the avant-garde and frequent Stones Throw collaborator Radek Drutis, plus artisan photography by Celine Saki. The EP is an unmistakeable exposition of the evolution Deez has undergone to reach the final stage of his musical self-actualization. From rapping, to singing, to playing keys, then back to rapping and beat making, Korry displays his artistic growth and how comfortable he has become in all facets of composition. SIDE A 1. Where Ya At? Produced by Black Cat 2. Cosmic Candy ft. Tona Produced by Quasar SIDE B 1. Watching Me Produced by Phat Tony 2. Chrysalis Produced by Elaquent Mixed by Marcus Powell Mastered by Christopher L. Fizo Art Direction by Radek Drutis and Jesse Read Design by Exile from Garbage Paradise and George Kish Photography by Celine Saki. Where Ya At?, Cosmic Candy, Watching Me, Chrysalis