Cellulite: Dust Wave (Vinyl LP)

Cellulite: Dust Wave (Vinyl LP)

Slovenly Recordings

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It is with nefarious with honor that Black Gladiator & Slovenly Recordings presents the immediate and brash Dust Wave by CELLULITE. A new project featuring Baltimore's Drew Owen (SICK THOUGHTS / DD OWEN), and NYC's Don Seun, this limited 12 is the product of two people with completely different takes on sound, and wastes no time in getting to the point. This is electronic music by way of deteriorating breaks, digital hiss, primal drums, burned-out synths, and searing vocals. Cold and harsh for true believers. I'm Cancer, Dust Wave, LSP, Genetics, Wasted Napalm, Ik Kil, Don't Mind Me, Prison, Sympathy, Breathing in a Box