Criminale Vol. 1 - Paura / Var: Criminale Vol. 1 - Paura (Vinyl LP)

Criminale Vol. 1 - Paura / Var: Criminale Vol. 1 - Paura (Vinyl LP)

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2016 repress; originally released in 2013. 140-gram LP. Includes CD. Thirty-six amazing tracks from the vault of Flipper Music, spread over two volumes. There was something strange and disturbing going on in Italy in the '70s. It was a tumultuous and visionary period of (post-) psychedelic excess. One that was defined, on the one hand, by random acts of terrorism and a heavy military police presence throughout the Italian territory, and on the other, by strobe lights, shattered taboos, and extreme gestures. A singular atmosphere that reverberated throughout every aspect of life - from fashion, to design, to television, to film, literature, the visual arts, and, of course, music. Perhaps the area in which this feeling was most pervasive was that of the television soundtrack, made to accompany the TV programs of a country that, although in turmoil, was still vital and creative. The tracks found here are a perfect example of this feeling, and come from the large catalog of what is perhaps the most important Italian label in the industry, Flipper Music, which, by the end of the '60s, had published, through it's many labels (RTV, Canopo, Octopus, Deneb, Flower, Flirt), hundreds of albums that are now long out-of-print and have become very rare. This music has the unique ability to remind the listener of that feeling of euphoric tension that permeated an entire country. Musical fears and obsessions straight from the most absurd decade of the most absurd country in the Western world. Volume one includes music by Giorgio and Franco Bracardi; Alessandro Alessandroni; Amedeo Tommasi; Peymont; Ugo Busoni, Paolo Ferrara, and Massimo di Cicco; Giuliano Sorgini; Gerardo Iacoucci; Lamartine; Daniela Casa; Joel Vandroogenbroeck; Fabio Frizzi; and Sandro Brugnolini.