Friends & Relationsby Uk Subs (Vinyl Record)

Uk Subs: Friends & Relations (Vinyl LP)


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- A must have collection of SUPER rare tracks featuring UK Subs' frontman Charlie Harper along with 5 completely unreleased tracks featuring longtime UK Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt and bassist Alvin Gibbs!- Also features Harper's bold collaboration with The Vibrator's lead guitarist/singer Knox, Urban Dogs!- Available on both CD and special clear vinyl! Product Supply - UK Subs, Rare Disease - UK Subs, Embryo - UK Subs, Teroristos - UK Subs, Phillips Environmental - UK Subs, Too Much Reality - Charlie Harper ; Captain Sensible, Space Virgins - Charlie Harper ; Captain Sensible, Human Traffic - Charlie Harper ; Captain Sensible, Kamera - Charlie Harper ; Captain Sensible, Rebellion Song - Urban Dogs, One Foot in the Grave - Urban Dogs[CD Only], Complete Surrender - Target Generation, Sail the Wind - Target Generation, Think of Me - Target Generation[CD Only], The Things We Saw - Target Generation, King for a Day - Target Generation