Davis, Miles: Miles Ahead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

Davis, Miles: Miles Ahead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Original soundtrack to the 2016 motion picture. Miles Ahead is Don Cheadle's wildly entertaining and moving exploration of Miles Davis. This is a perfect primer on Davis' career for the new fan and a brilliant audio keepsake of the film for those who've studied his works inside and out. The album features 11 tracks from across Miles' catalogue from 1956 to 1981, select dialogue from the film featuring Cheadle in character, and five original compositions written, co-written, produced or performed exclusively for Miles Ahead by Robert Glasper. These cues include What's Wrong with That? a jam that closes the movie imagining Cheadle as Miles playing in the present day with guest performers Glasper, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Gary Clark, Jr. And Esperanza Spalding; plus Gone 2015, an end-credits song featuring guest verses from rapper Pharoahe Monch. Cheadle also pens new liner notes for the album discussing the selection and creation of the songs on the soundtrack. Miles Ahead Davis Miles 4:28, Dialogue: It Takes a Long Time... Cheadle Don 0:05, So What Davis Miles 9:22, Taylor Made Eigisti Taylor 1:01, Dialogue: Listen You Talk Too Goddam Much... Don Cheadle ; Phil Schaap 0:34, Solea (Excerpt) Davis Miles 4:50, Seven Steps to Heaven (Edit) Davis Miles 3:24, Dialogue: If You Gonna Tell a Story... Cheadle Don 0:07, Nefertiti (Edit) Davis Miles 4:54, Frelon Brun Davis Miles 5:36, Dialogue: Sometimes You Have These Thoughts... Cheadle Don 0:14, Duran (Take 6 Edit) Davis Miles 5:35, Dialogue: You Own My Music... Cheadle Don 0:07, Go Ahead John (Part Two C) Davis Miles 3:38, Black Satin (Edit) Davis Miles 3:11, Dialogue: Be Musical About This Shit... Cheadle Don 0:07, Prelude Pt. 2 Davis Miles 6:34, Dialogue: Y'all Listening to Them... Cheadle Don 0:05, Junior's Jam Glasper Robert 3:28, Francessence Glasper Robert 2:08, Back Seat Betty (Excerpt) Davis Miles 5:31, Dialogue: I Don't Like the Word Jazz... Don Cheadle ; Ewan McGregor 0:18, What's Wrong with That? Glasper Robert 5:14, Gone 2015 Robert Glasper Feat. Pharoahe Monch 5:30