The Story Of Usby Quinn Xcii (Vinyl Record)

Quinn Xcii: The Story Of Us (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release. The Story Of Us is the debut album from Detroit-bred vocalist/songwriter Quinn XCII. The album if filled with refreshing authenticity and grassroots appeal, and is highlighted by standout single Straightjacket, an infectious track that combines stylish retro-electronic chops with a sultry reggae snap into it's own pop sound about a psycho from a Midwest suburb. The album effortlessly fuses pop, soul, electronic, hip-hop, and reggae-tinged vocal stylings with Spartan proficiency, and presents a lively arc of songs that connects the growing fan base who follow Quinn XCII. For The Story Of Us, Quinn XCII connected with some new producers and collaborators, including Michael Keenan, buzzing songwriter Scott Harris, veteran David Gamson, Robby Hauldren (from the duo Louis The Child, who Quinn XCII toured with last year), and The Wiild, who helmed both Fake Denim and the previously released Straightjacket. Intro (Slow), Straightjacket, Worst, Flare Guns - Quinn XCII feat. Chelsea Cutler, Fake Denim, Don't You, 60 Seconds, Walls, Tourist, One Day At A Time, Always Been You