Delrey, Bosco: Space Junky / My My Racecar (7-Inch Single)

Delrey, Bosco: Space Junky / My My Racecar (7-Inch Single)

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Space Junky is the track that first brought Bosco Delrey to public attention, landing him pieces on The Fader, RCRDLBL and elsewhere. It features his typical excess of influences- semi-psychedelic guitars, bedroom soul hooks, splurting dancehall reggae basslines - anchored down by solid songwriting and lyrics. It's a weirdly great combination that made us think this guy might be on to something. My My Racecar is harder to pin down, but no less intriguing with a chopped up guitar lead, mouth pop rhythm section and zipping bass. The Drop The Lime influence shines on these two tracks, lending heavy bass, sound effects and making everything crispy. Space Junky, My My Race Car