Diplo / Lil Jon: U Don't Like Me (12-Inch Single)

Diplo / Lil Jon: U Don't Like Me (12-Inch Single)

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Picture Disc - Diplo teams up with the king of crunk Lil Jon to drop the rap punk dubstep hybrid track U Don't Like Me! Rumors of a collaboration between the two influential producers have been circulating around the internet for well over a year, starting with a few twitter posts and then following up with a youtube video of the two jamming out this track in the studio. Lil Jon starts the track off attacking the listener with his unmistakable voice while Diplo perfectly compliments him with that dirty dubstep wobble. It's a two ton collision that's been leaving every dance floor it touches completely demolished. Dubstep mosh pit? Yes, we've seen it on more than one occasion. 'For the official remix, we hired our family the South Rakkas Crew because we knew they were the only ones that could tame this thing. They went and did just the opposite though, flipping Diplo's dubstep wobble into a hard hitting electro banger (Switch loves this one). We're also including the acapella and instrumental - please use em! U Don't Like Me, U Don't Kile Me (Instrumental), U Don't Like Me (South Rakkas Crew Remix), U Don't Like Me (Acapella)