Ministry: The Land of Rare & Honey (Vinyl LP)

Ministry: The Land of Rare & Honey (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 150gm opaque violet vinyl LP pressing in foil-numbered sleeve housed in a resealable clear poly bag. Ministry's third studio LP, 1988's The Land Of Rape And Honey, continued the band's stylistic journey towards a sound that was as loud, abrasive, heavy and dark as the lyrics. The mix of searing metal riffs, throbbing hardcore punk, industrial dance grooves, and diverse samples resulted in a sonic arsenal of aggression and helped to redefine the sound of industrial music. Mastered for vinyl by Kevin Gray at Coherent Audio. Faithful, updated rendering of original art printed at Stoughton Printing Co. A must for any Ministry/industrial music fan! Stigmata, The Missing, Deity, Golden Dawn, Destruction, The Land of Rape and Honey, You Know What You Are, Flashback, Abortive