Stukas Over Disneylandby The Dickies (Vinyl Record)

The Dickies: Stukas Over Disneyland (Vinyl LP)

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Limited 140gm green vinyl LP pressing. Stukas Over Disneyland is the third studio album by Los Angeles-based punk rock band The Dickies. It was originally released in 1983. This fast-paced album features classic Dickies wise guy humor in tracks such as She's a Hunchback and revved up covers including Led Zeppelins' Communication Breakdown. The album was recorded by a few different versions of the band's line up, which may explain the four year gap between Dawn Of The Dickies and this album. The cover art illustrates the album's title by showing a Stuka dive bomber over the head of Mickey Mouse. Influenced by seeing The Damned play during their first US tour, The Dickies are one of the first punk bands to emerge from Los Angeles in 1977. Rosemary, She's a Hunchback, Out of Sight Out of Mind, Communication Breakdown, Pretty Please Me, Wagon Train, If Stuart Could Talk, Stukas Over Disneyland