Miserereby Allegri / Krenn / Chorus Sine Nomine / Hiemetsber (Vinyl Record)

Allegri / Krenn / Chorus Sine Nomine / Hiemetsber: Miserere (Vinyl LP)


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• In it's latest project, the Chorus sine nomine, one ofAustria's leading choirs, under it's founder and directorJohannes Hiemetsberger has turned to a very special work:the Miserere by Gregorio Allegri in an arrangement forsaxophone and three choirs a cappella by Vladimir Ivanoff.• The setting of the 51st Psalm from the 1630s, which isuniquely captivating due to it's simplicity, was a fixedcomponent of the liturgy of Easter week in the SixtineChapel in Rome for over 250 years and soon achieved cultstatus because of the high penalties on it's 'pirate copy'.• Here, the three-choir ensemble is in a subtle equilibriumwith the young saxophonist Michael Krenn and meets anytrace of sentimental mush with the respect due.• Recorded in the splendid Viennese acoustic of the OttoWagner designed Church am Steinhof, built in the firstdecade of the 20th c. on the grounds of the then LowerAustrian State Asylum. 01. Miserere Mei, 02. Et Secundum, 03. Amplius, 04. Tibi Soli, 05. Ecce Enim, 06. Asperges Me, 07. Averte Faciem, 08. Cor Mundum, 09. Danza, 10. Quoniam Si Voluisses, 11. Tunc Acceptabis, 12. Sofferenza, 13. Tunc Imponent