When the Blood Runs Dryby Mark with the Sea (Vinyl Record)

Mark with the Sea: When the Blood Runs Dry (Vinyl LP)

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When it comes to taking huge bounds forward for follow-up albums they don't come much bigger than 'When the Blood Runs Dry' by Mark with the Sea. If you could imagine a scientist collected a single cell from folk-songwriter, Marc Oswin. He expertly splits it. One half remains the same, continuing to craft gentle, dark narratives, but the other half mutates into a pulsing, spirited 6-headed organism, ejecting a sonic wall, then you're starting to get an idea of what to expect from this album. A driving rhythm section carves through a sea of cymbals. A wall of guitars wail in harmony with soaring keys. Vocals assail the senses in surround sound... Then it all turns on an edge, offering a subtle, considered gentleness, sometimes all within the confines of one song. Although the album is sonically in high-contrast to 2013's '13 Years', one thing stays the same, Oswin delivers on his trademark turn of phrase and jet-black narrative through his distinctly Australian articulation. This is a collection of well-loved and finely-tuned songs. Take them and make them your own. Bows ; Arrows, LaLoveLosLost, When The Blood Runs Dry, Fractured Parts, Go To Sleep, Kind Of Girl, 16, Bodies In The Garden, Lasso, I’ll Be The Artist I’ll Paint You, Who Will Watch Over You