Zingersby Milk Teddy (Vinyl Record)

Milk Teddy: Zingers (Vinyl LP)

Lost and Lonesome

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Recorded throughout 2010 and 2011 by Josh Bach, James Tulczyn and Thomas Mendelovits in various studios and living rooms around Melbourne, Zingers realizes the dreams of deep, cosmic production hinted at on earlier Milk Teddy releases (Going to Sri Lanka 7 on Knock Yr Socks Off Records and the Extra Texture cassette on Totem Tapes). at times recalling Lou Reed, the Feelies and Television Personalities, Zingers runs through the first-wave punk inflections of the title track and the blissful new wave of 'Suburbs Mystery', while 'Michael' hints at doo-wop and the album's closer 'Come Around' at acid-fried futures. Throughout, the album is filled with anti-confessional songwriting and the soulful, curious and high-reaching playing of Milk Teddy's five in-tune members. Zingers delivers swatches of flange, phase and other secret sonic treats, while Thomas's thoughtful, euphoric tenor vocal is pushed to the fore and backed by the band's trademark strains at classic underground guitar pop. Zingers, Suburbs Mystery, I Can Hear It When You Sing, Going to Sri Lanka, Porcelain Skin, XTC, Secret, Michael, Night Worker, Come Around