For Our Animal Friendsby Coda (Vinyl Record)

Coda: For Our Animal Friends (Vinyl LP)


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For our animal friends' is the long-awaited follow up to coda's 2002 aria award nominated album 'there is a way to fly' and this EP will surely not disappoint! Coda mix strings with electronics, groove with noise, pop with classical. They create soaring harmonies, laidback beats and a chill out sensibility. Coda appeal to a diverse & savvy listening audience, from classical to urban electronic heads. It is impossible to pigeonhole this artist collective and that is the beauty and appeal of coda. Coda has toured with a myriad of artists ranging from Powderfinger, Superjesus, Paulmac, Pnau Savage Garden, and Jonathan Reichmann to the Kusun ensemble. Shock. 2006.